rainbow coloured tree

Nature loves a #haiku

MA 13th— chick
MA 14th— skylark
MA 15th— hills
MA 16th— primrose
MA 17th— road
MA 18th— nightingale
MA 19th— butterfly

This week’s prompts were very much about Springtime and nature. I still managed to turn a couple into senryu (about human nature).

May 13th – chick

Aw, come on, now, chick.
Don’t tell me you don’t want to…
Crack out! See the world!

May 14th – skylark

Wings fluttering high,
Song rising to the angels.
Skylark ascending.

May 15th – hills

I feel like running
O’er the hills and far away.
Hunting lost rainbows.

May 16th – primrose

How prim is a rose?
Upright buds blush pinkly, then
Unfurl, brazen red.

May 17th – road

Make your own road, dear
Paved with smiling caresses,
Not random insults…

May 18th— nightingale

Vibrant cadenza
with coloratura frills.
Nightingale divas.

May 19th – butterfly

Her wings faded echoes,
of the peacock she once was.
A ghost butterfly.

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