Jocelyn Sordoni – Writer

I’m Jocelyn Sordoni (you can call me Jo), and I’m thrilled to be writing for young people.

My first novel, THE HONEYED SCENT OF IRON, will be starting the long journey towards finding an agent this year. Keep an eye on my blog, as I will be sharing that pain with you.

I’ve been telling stories in some form all my life.

My best friend and I would write a serial story on pieces of paper passed under the desk at school. Then, we would phone each other after school, immediately we got home, just to carry on the story. Yes, of course, we would talk about other things, about music and fashion. We were teenagers, after all. But the urge to tell the story would be too great. “And anyway…” one of us would say, and the story would carry on where it left off.

There is no life I can imagine without story in it.
I hope you’ll enjoy sharing them with me.

Jocelyn Sordoni

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