I love food.

If you didn’t know that about me before, then have a look at my food blogs, and you will find out just how much I love it!


A Greedy Piglet

This is my main blog for food articles and recipes for the things that I have been most pleased about. Also reviews of products and cookery books.

A Greedy Piglet





A Greedy Piglet on Posterous

Just the quick bits that don’t merit a full blog post on A Greedy Piglet, but are still interesting little snippets! Lots of food photos.

NOTE: this is for older posts only now, the short bits have been moved to Tumblr.  

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A Greedy Piglet on Tumblr



Somehow Posterous wasn’t the same since it was taken over by Twitter, not as stable and people were complaining about all sorts of things, so I decided it would possibly be a good time to change over and so the short and sweet blog is at Tumblr now.


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Lynne’s Dinners

My photo diary of what I eat for dinner – some recipes, but mostly just descriptions. Ask me if you would like me to feature a recipe in detail on A Greedy Piglet.

Lynne's Dinners

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The Facebook page to find Lynne’s  Dinners posts easily and quickly.