Who (or what) is Josordoni?

I bet you have wondered, haven’t you?  I get asked all sorts of questions about my company name, which is also my id on Twitter.

Where did your name come from? How do you pronounce it? Oh! So you are Lynne, not Jo…

Yes, I am Lynne.  Not Jo. Who IS Jo then?

It is not very interesting I am afraid.. so look away if you get bored easily.

When we started out on eBay, we had to think of a name for our account. Lynne and Clark didn’t cut the mustard, each only being available with 4 or 5 numbers after the name.  Bob (my husband) as a name didn’t fare any better. And as this was to brand our eBay shop, we really didn’t want anything too twee. Or downright annoying.

So the search was on for a name that would be original, and hopefully unique.

My late mother-in-law was Italian, (a war-bride who came over in 1945, having been collected by Bob’s dad on his way up through Italy with Monty and the Eighth Army) and her maiden name was Sordoni.


Mafalda with Pat Jennings


Her dad’s name was Guiseppe, or Joseph in English. So that shortens to Joe. But the E didn’t look right, so we dropped that and ended up with Josordoni.

Well, if that isn’t unique, I don’t know what is..

So you pronounce it JO then sor-DONE-ee.  (The DONE is like bone, not like done…)

And don’t worry,  if you call me Jo, I’ll still talk to you !